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Reviewer / Analyst  (Temporary Casual Employee ‘As and When required’)

National Security Criminal Investigations
Office of Investigative Standards and Practices

The Canadian public, the Government of Canada and the courts expect professional and thorough criminal investigations. At the same time, criminal investigations are becoming increasingly complex, scrutinized and resource intensive. They can also range from local to international in scope.

Major Case Management (MCM) is a proven methodology for managing and leading major investigations that provides accountability, clear goals and objectives, planning, utilization of resources and control over the speed, flow and direction of an investigation. The consistent application of MCM is a  proven basis for investigative success. NSCI’s OISP seeks to increase the likelihood of successful prosecutions by ensuring investigations adhere to MCM principles.

The NSCI OISP complements NSCI operations through its efforts to increase investigative success. OISP reports directly to the Director General of National Security Criminal Operations. At his request, OISP  assesses  high-priority files for adherence to established major case management (MCM) principles. In cooperation with the teams who are leading the investigations in the field, the assessments  are conducted by current and former police officers with proven investigative track records and expertise in MCM.

This current work is the leading edge of a strategic, multi‑year initiative to ensure the
RCMP can meet the operational challenges of the future.  Travel to other locations within Canada maybe required.


Major centres across Canada                                               


Several years of experience as a police officer in a plainclothes capacity.
Accredited training and a proven track record in investigating major cases utilizing Major Case Management. (References required)
Strong analytical, communication and writing abilities. 
The ability to obtain a RCMP Top Secret security clearance.           

If you have the above qualifications and you are interested in this part-time opportunity, please submit your resume directly to our OISP@rcmp-grc.gc.ca attention: Sgt. Cliff CHASTELLAINE 613-993-8951.