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Commissioner's Broadcast

Launch of new Member Workplace Services Program

As we move into the next phase of our labour relations transition, I would like to announce the launch of the Member Workplace Services Program (MWSP).

The new program was created in response to the Supreme Court of Canadas ruling in Mounted Police Association of Ontario (MPAO) v. Attorney General of Canada that found the imposition of the Staff Relations Representative Program (SRRP) unconstitutional.

The SRRP has been an integral part of the Force for more than 41 years. We appreciate the dedication and the individual and collective efforts from all the staff relations representatives over the years.

However, with the dissolution of the SRRP to be completed by May 17, 2016, my management team and I wanted to ensure the continuity of advice, support and guidance with workplace issues until a bargaining agent becomes certified.

Until the MWSP is fully implemented on May 17, 2016, you are encouraged to contact your existing SRR or sub-representative as they will continue to provide services in a modified role until the new Member Workplace Advisors (MWA) are selected.

MWAs will be allocated by division, using a fair and transparent selection process. You will have the opportunity to be involved and contribute to your workplace by becoming an MWA or by selecting your preferred advisor. The selection process will roll out over the next few weeks, depending on your division. Details on this process can be found on the new MWSP Infoweb site (http://infoweb.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/hr-rh/workplace-milieu-de-travail/mwsp-psmtm/index-eng.htm) that launched today.

The new site also outlines the role of the new advisors and the many programs and services that are already in place to assist you outside of the MWSP, such as Employee Assistance Services, the Informal Conflict Management Program, the Peer to Peer System and the Workplace Reporting System.

As we transition to the new framework, managers must familiarize themselves with the related new policy and other related policy amendments, while members must familiarize themselves with employee organizations and labour relations.

During this period of change, we must remain focused on our top priority, the primacy of operations. Please know that labour relations is a priority for the RCMP and I remain committed to providing information to you as it becomes available.

Bob Paulson