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Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act

Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act

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The Canada Not-For-Profit Committee, chaired by Vice President Dave Leblanc and Director, Murray Milne,  has, for all intents and purposes, completed its work.  Since Sept. 9th, the Committee has, on a weekly basis, consulted with division representatives and as a result of these consultations,  completed the necessary changes to the Association's Bylaws to bring them in line with the requirements of the new Act. The involvement of divisions in this undertaking was essential and most appreciated.  Throughout the consultation process, spanning several consecutive Mondays since September, 16-18 divisions consistently participated in the video/teleconferences.   The President/Representatives of our remaining total 30 divisions, however, did not participate and regrettably why we do not know.   The fact these divisions chose not to contribute is most disappointing to the Committee and to all of us who gave our time and effort to contribute to the future of the Association.  To those divisions who did participate, we are confident that all the issues have been thoroughly discussed and the resulting decisions have been made with the unanimous consensus of the working group and we sincerely thank you for your dedication to this important work.  

As you know, all issues related to the new Act as it pertains to the governance of our Association, must be resolved by the time we have our next AGM in Ottawa in June 2014. At that time the membership will be asked, through resolutions, to approve the Articles of Continuance and the revised Bylaws. The Association is obligated to have the Articles of Continuance filed with Industry Canada on or before Oct. 17th, 2014 or face dissolution.   While the bylaws can be filed after this date, we would obviously prefer to file our Articles and our bylaws concurrently.  However, should it be necessary to continue to work on revising the by-laws  we would be in a position of having to conform to the default provisions of the legislation and this takes precedence over the existing bylaws.  In other words, we are guided by the provisions of the legislation from October 17 2014 onward until such time as our by-laws are approved and filed with Industry Canada.  

I would strongly encourage everybody (BOD, Governors, Members) to review the amended By-laws and Articles of Continuance which can be viewed on the Association's website at www.rcmpvetsnational.ca.  These and all the working papers for each meeting can be found under MENU items "Canada not for Profit" on the English and on "Canada à but non lucratif" French sites.  If you require clarification  on any issue please contact any member of the Not-for-Profit Committee or the representative from your division, if he or she was involved.  Because of the importance of this initiative and the time constraints imposed by the Federal Government, I would like every division to advise our National Secretary, prior to January 10th, 2014, whether there are any concerns with the proposed Articles of Continuance and proposed Association Bylaws. Your cooperation in this regard is much appreciated.

Committee Members:  Dave LeBlanc and Murray Milne(co-chairs), Ian Atkins, Larry Power, Jack Briscoe and Bob Kells (leave of absence ODS).  Observers: Cal Small and Alex Geddes.


Conference # 8 Briefing - Articles of Continuance (English Only)
Conference # 7 Consensus - AGM Voting Procedures, e-Vote Option (anglais seulement)
Conference # 7 Briefing - AGM Voting Procedures, e-Vote Option (English Only)
Conference # 6 Consensus - Nominations, Elections and Governance
Conference # 6 Briefing - Nominations, Elections and Governance
Conference # 5 Consensus - Membership - Edit # 2
Conference # 5 Briefing - Membership
Conference # 4 Consensus - AGM Notices and Voting Procedures
Conference # 3 Briefing - Divisions (English Only)
Conference # 2 Briefing - Other Financial Matters (English Only)
Conference # 1 Briefing - Dues and Other Financial Matters (English Only)
Not-For-Profit Workshop (PowerPoint .ppt)

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