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2013 recruitment Campaign - Howard Kearley Award



I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas season with family and friends.  Another year is upon us, and we can now look forward to some new challenges that I believe, with a little effort, our Association can meet.  Over the past six months recruiting information and documents have been circulated to all Divisions.   As Division Executive, you have been made fully aware of our recruitment challenge for 2013.  Now we must communicate and direct our members to all the material generated so there is broad participation in the recruitment effort.  In order to do that, I would ask that your refer your Division membership to the National website and click on Membership & Recruiting.   All documentation leading up to this campaign kick-off is referenced there.  As previously suggested in Best Practice #1, please try to place Membership tabs, for example - Why Join?, Membership Application, and Division Addresses & Dues - on the front/home page of your websites, thus making it easier for any interested former member to find membership information.  We have seen instances where this information is embedded deep inside websites where its usefulness is marginalized. 

As indicated in the 2013 Recruitment Campaign Rules, to get Application Credit, a copy of applications must be sent to the National Office by scanning, fax or mail, "at the end of each month".  This is important so that proper recording and credit is give to the respective Divisions.  Again, in order to have consistency, it is recommended that the new Association Membership Application form be used.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's time to begin our quest for success.  Good luck and good recruiting !

George Savage, Chair
National Recruiting Committee

Thought of the day:   "Unity is strength ... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved"  ~  Mattie Stepanek

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