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Poster Campaign



Presidents/Div Contacts:   The below email highlights the most recent recruiting campaign where we have developed a Recruitment Poster which has been supported by the Commissioner of the RCMP to be placed in RCMP HQ, Offices and Detachments throughout Canada.   George Savage has secured the assistance of all Warrant Officers (CSM, SSMs and SMs) across Canada to assist our Veteran Divisions with the Poster Campaign.

The Poster and the Warrant Officers Contact List are attached as separate files


Contact List

I am sending this message to the 13 Divisions who will initiate this campaign and I leave it to you as to who will be the best contact and the related RCMPVA Division address for contact.

Good-day Division Presidents
As you know, production of a Recruitment Poster has been ongoing since this fall for placement in HQ buildings and certain large detachments across the country. These stand-up posters are now complete and ready for delivery to you in the next few days. The printing company, Printwest in Regina, will send the posters directly to the division address that you supply. Please immediately send Al Rivard (ajrivard@sympatico.ca) your division delivery address. The initial order is for 25 posters and you are the 13 Vet Divisions privileged to make their placement in RCMP buildings.

The Commissioner has approved installation of these posters and the division Warrant Officers (CSM, SM, SSM) have consented to be our contact person. I have sent the Warrants a message advising them that a RCMP Veteransí Association Division representative will make contact to arrange a convenient time to meet for placement of the posters. A Warrant Information sheet with most office addresses, phone numbers and email addresses is attached to this letter. When you get your poster(s), please make arrangements with the Warrants as soon as possible to have them installed in the buildings.

I understand that the terms, Warrant and Warrant Officer, are not familiar to some veterans. Warrants are a core group of senior NCOs that hold the ranks of Corps Sergeants Major (CSM), Sergeant Major (SM) and Staff Sergeant Major (SSM). In the latest edition of the Quarterly (Fall 2013), there is a detailed description of "The Role of the Warrant in the RCMP". These individuals are very influential within their divisions, so every effort should be made to establish a cordial relationship for the benefit of both parties.

This recruitment poster is just another initiative to have serving Force members and employees become better informed about their Veterans' Association and the many benefits of remaining within the RCMP family after work. I thank you for your kind assistance and hopefully this will help us to recruit many more new members.

George Savage,
Chair National Recruiting Committee
(902) 483-7608