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Recruitement Idea

Ottawa Division


On behalf of George Savage, Chair, Membership/Recruiting I am forwarding the following message along with the Ottawa Division Recruitment Bulletin from Alison Straker, Internal Communications, to the National Recruiting Committee and the Division Presidents asap before the AGM next week. George Savage has asked Alison to send their bulletin to you direct.

Alex Geddes
National Secretary
RCMP Veterans' Association


National Recruiting Committee - Membership Directors

In my last two monthly reports, I have asked that you please send in any good recruiting ideas that might benefit your counter-parts in other Divisions. Disappointingly, I have not receive a single solitary idea, or even a comment from any of you the Membership Directors; the recruitment specialists. Thankfully however, I did get some kind and constructive feedback from other folks out there. Here's an excellent example of someone bringing attention and promoting recruitment to her entire Division membership. If others took such initiative and action, then we likely wouldn't have membership growth concerns.

I want to sincerely thank Allison Straker, Internal Communications, Ottawa Division for sharing her excellent recruitment bulletin. It is both aesthetically pleasing, well formatted and boldly announces the crux of the matter, RECRUIT ..... and invest in your Association's future! By the way, check out Ottawa's recruitment results; this kind of stuff works.

Recruitment Bulletin - Ottawa Division

Again, thanks Allison and keep up the good communications..

George Savage, Chair
National Recruiting Committee
RCMP Veterans' Association