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History of Howard Kearley Membership Award

Howard Kearley was a Life member of Manitoba Division who devoted himself to increasing membership in his own Division and provided tremendous time and effort to assist other Divisions and National in developing goals. Unfortunately, Howard passed away suddenly during the summer of 2009.

At the AGM in Regina, June 5, 2010, Director of Communications, Dave LeBlanc brought forward a membership proposal to create an award to recognize the top recruiting Division each year. The proposal was approved and to honour Howard this annual award was named the Howard Kearley Membership Award.

The award is presented at the AGM to the Division that recruited the most new Active Members for the year. Nova Scotia Division was the winner for 2010 (69), 2011 (106) and 2012 (79). Unfortunately, the national membership was still not growing and it was obvious there wasn't much enthusiasm by most Divisions to compete for this annual achievement award.

For 2013, it was decided that a formal, structured recruitment campaign might be a way to focus Divisions on the business of seriously addressing the non-growth of the Association. A formula was developed that would make it fair for all Divisions to compete whether small or large in numbers. The Division with the Highest % Gain would be declared the winner (see the postings on the National website).

Different membership forms were standardized, such as, the National Membership Application, Membership Criteria and Why Join? An appeal was made to Divisions to place 3 tabs on their website home page - Membership Application; Why Join?, and Division Addresses & Dues. Advertising was done in the Quarterly, VetsNet, CO's Communique, Pony Express, Member Discharge Letter, Frank's Fact & Funnies. At the end of the year, 25 Recruitment Banners were produced and placed in RCMP HQ buildings and large detachments across Canada.

The recruitment goal for 2013 was set at 468 new members. On Dec 31st, 457 members, or 97.6% of goal had been successfully achieved. Winner with the Highest % Gain for 2013 was Ottawa Division (70). The runner-up was Nova Scotia Division (79).

The Howard Kearley Membership Plaque and framed certificate, along with a $250.00 hospitality gift, will be presented to Ottawa Division at the AGM in Ottawa on June 07, 2014.

The 2014 Recruitment Campaign has just been launched with a goal of 488. All documentation, Campaign Rules, Membership Criteria and Why Join? can be found on the National website under Membership/Recruiting.


George Savage, Chair
National Recruiting Committee