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2014 National Recruiting Campaign
Introduction 20 Jan 2014


2014 National Recruiting Committee
- Division Membership Directors

Calgary - Dave Sinclair

CVIsand - Bill Hearty

Cypress Hills - Cathy Crozier

Edmonton - Ian Lande

Georgian Bay - Ted Lafontaine

Golden Horseshoe - Mike Campobasso

Kamloops - * Reid Tait

Kingston - Richard Dickins

Lethbridge - * Arthur Olivier

London - Henry Thompson

Manitoba - Dave Dunford

Quebec - Michel Blanchard

New Brunswick - Keith McCuaig

Newfoundland/Lab. - Roger Hansford

Nova Scotia - Gary Grant

Okanagan - * Bob Fairhurst

Ottawa - Barry Thomas

Prince Edward Island - Phil Pitts

Prince Albert - * Bob Hemsworth

BC North District - * Ewen Freethy

Red Deer - * Dave Henderson

Regina - * Bob Smart

Saskatoon - Karen Brosko

Shuswap - * Steve Wills

South Okanagan - * Finn Nielsen

Thunder Bay - John Coupland

Toronto - Christian Tardif

Vancouver - Dennis Ratcliffe

Victoria - Bill Phelan

Yukon - * Hank Moorlag

(*) These are Division Secretaries. Please send in names of appointed Membership Directors

with their e-mail addresses ASAP. Thanks.


Good-day Everyone and Happy New Year.

Yes, a new year, a new recruiting committee and a continuing membership challenge.

Last year the national committee was comprised of the Division Presidents. They did a good job but I consider them "general practitioners" because they are required to handle all aspects of managing a Division. Now this year, you as Membership Directors are "specialists", dedicated and focused solely on the vital work of growing this historic organization founded in 1886.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans' Association is an exclusive club, the only one of its kind in the world. Only members and employees of the RCMP have the privilege and honour of belonging to this elite club. If former and current employees have not joined our club it is probably because we have not successfully marketed our great product. Even though we had good recruitment results in 2013 as the first structured campaign, only the foundation has been laid, this year we must continue to build the Association house. I would argue that your job of recruiting is the most important work in our organization. It's simple; no members, no club, no Association.

Ok, let's get started on the 2014 Recruitment Campaign. The campaign rules will be similar to last year. The recruitment documents will be revised at the beginning and again after the AGM in June. All advertisement created and implemented in 2013 will be updated. Most of you are new Membership Directors, therefore probably not too familiar with last year's operation and documentation. So, while I'm completing the final 2013 recruitment report, here is your first assignment:

#1. Everyone please go to the National website under Membership/Recruiting and read all the 2013 postings. This will be a good orientation for new directors and a good review for existing ones as we prepare for this year's campaign. Look at your own Division's website and make any changes to insure it is user friendly and appealing. In particular, make it easy to find the revised National Membership Application form.

#2. On the National site under Canada-Not-For-Profit is all the postings on work done over the past few months on the CNFP Act. In particular, read the section on Membership as this will probably be the approved criteria after the AGM in June. You need to be familiar as to what is coming because you will be asked questions by your Division members. Remember you are the "specialists".

Your mission, if you choose to accept it ... I'll tackle my work in a conscientious manner; I'll take enjoyment and pride while doing it, and I'll share the experience of accomplishment as a member of the National Recruiting Committee.

I look forward to working with all of you this year on this exciting campaign. Many thanks for volunteering for this very important role and I'll have 2014 documents out shortly.

All the best and successful recruiting.


George Savage, Chair (Coach)

National Recruiting Committee



(902)252-0744 (f)



"A recruiting team that works together ... wins together" ~ the Coach