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Re:  RCMP Veterans’ Association - Membership Information for Employees

Your RCMP Veterans’ Association is a national body comprised of, and representing former and serving employees of the RCMP.  It has been in existence since the first meeting of the NWMP ex-members in Calgary in 1886.  Like the Force the Association is divided into Divisions (30), each encompassing a geographic region in Canada.

The following is important information for all serving RCMP employees regarding the benefits and eligibility criteria of taking membership in your Veterans’ Association.
Below is a brief overview.

ACTIVE Member:   Former RM / CM / AUX / RES / PSE / ME
You may join as an Active Member immediately upon discharge from the Force. Membership eligibility criteria is posted on the Vets Association website under Membership/Recruiting.

ASSOCIATE Member:   Serving RM / CM / AUX / RES / PSE / ME
You may join as an Associate Member if you have a minimum of 10 years service with the Force and meet the eligibility criteria posted on the Vets Association website under Membership/Recruiting.

Membership Benefits include:

  1. Continued camaraderie and fellowship through social & entertainment functions,

   as well as, sporting & recreational activities

  1. Notification of possible employment opportunities
  2. Confidential assistance with disability applications and other benefit entitlements
  3. Hospital and home visitations during times of illness and family assistance
  4. Survivors’ and Executors’ Guide & Checklist that is updated annually and contain essential information needed by the spouse and family on a member’s death
  5. Assistance to surviving spouse and family with funeral arrangements & advising survivors of the processes for continuing pension, insurance and health benefits
  6. Perpetual care & annual maintenance of member grave sites by Vets or the Force
  7. No cost Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance coverage
  8. Group discount rates on Home & Auto insurance by insurers in each province
  9. Opportunity to attend the Association’s annual general meeting (AGM) in different geographic locations in Canada to meet and socialize with former colleagues
  10. Very reasonable membership cost

For further information on membership and other veteran matters, you may contact the Veterans’ Association at,  Email: rcmp.vets@rcmp-grc.gc.ca    www.rcmpvetsnational.ca
                                         Telephone: (613)993-5578   Toll Free: 1(887)251-1771