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2015 Association Recruiting Committee - Division Membership Directors


Good-day Directors.  

Well, spring has finally sprung in most parts of the country, although we still have a few snow banks to go here on the East coast.  I know you folks on the West coast have been out golfing already for at least a month or more; yes we’re envious. 

The first quarter finished on March 31 and we’re a little behind where we should be at this point. The good news is that January and February results have been revised as a couple Divisions reported some additional new members.  Here are the recruiting results after 3 months; January, February and March:

Recruitment Goal  -  41/mth  x  3   -  123
Active Members on March 31        - 106
Shortfall at end of March                     17

Associate Members end of March         -  18
Associate Serving RCMP Employees  -    3
Total Associate Members end of March  -  21

At the end of March we’re only off our goal by about half a month, 17 Active members.  Typically the 2nd Quarter, April, May, June, has generated the best results so hopefully if we can pick up the pace we’ll be on target at mid-year. Please do your best, it’s very important for us to continually strive to grow our membership.


Director Farewell

Unfortunately we have lost one of our top recruiter on the committee, Dennis Ratcliffe our Vancouver Division Director.  Dennis has done a great recruiting job these past 3 years for his Division and the Association.  He is involved in other volunteer work and has decided to slow down a bit and take time to smell those proverbial roses. Thanks Dennis.  True to the dedication he has brought to the position, he has secured a very capable replacement.  On behalf of the committee, I want to welcome Koozma Gorkoff as the new Vancouver Director.  Koozma's contact info has been added to the 2015 Recruiting Committee list posted on the Association website.


CO’s Annual Communique

As done the past three years, the RCMP Warrant Officers have again kindly consented to fan out our annual CO’s Communique to serving members and employees within their respective jurisdictions.  The Warrants are senior NCOs and we should take very opportunity to reciprocate by offering our assistance whenever called upon.  Be sure to extend an invitation for them to join the Association as serving Associate members. They are a great centre of influence in their RCMP Divisions.


Honourary Members - Database Credit

Had a request recently from Yukon Division to clarify how to credit Honourary Members on the Association’s database.  In this particular case, it was the appointment of the C.O. of Yukon Division as Honourary President and the appointment of the Territorial Commissioner as Patron. The answer supplied is as follows:

“ Our reference is the Association By-Laws - Part VI.10 - Membership;  Special Appointment, Sec 14. Lt. Gov. and Sec 15, C.O. RCMP Division. They come under our non-voting Associate Member class, so would be credited as an “Associate” on the National database.  A notation should be made in the Status Other column as Honourary/Division C.O. and Honourary/Patron.  Fill out a membership application form to gather contact information for approval by a Division vote under Part VI.10.  Don’t need to submit application, keep it on your Division membership file and just enter names on the Association database. It would be proper to invite these gentlemen to a General Meeting and present them with an Honourary Certificate as per Membership, Awards and Certificates, Section 3 in the Association Manual.”

Also in the Status Other column, if applicable, indicate that a new Associate is a serving RCMP member/employee.


2015 AGM Round Table

A discussion paper is being prepared for the AGM in Quebec City for a round table session. It is scheduled for Friday, May 29, the time and location will be announced in the meeting program.  All Directors are strongly encouraged to attend this important discussion session and offer personal opinions on the various topics and issues. 


Recruitment Survey - 2015

Just a reminder again to have each new member answer Question 1 and 2 on the reverse side of the Application form.  It is important that we gather this feedback for recruitment purposes.  To record the new member answers, use the 2015 Recruitment Survey form on the Association website under Membership/Recruiting.  The expectation this year is that all 30 Divisions will send in a completed survey at year-end. Your co-operation is appreciated.

                            ***   JOIN to WIN   ***

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win annual spring campaign has just finished.  While having a morning coffee at the local Tims recently, got thinking on new incentives to encourage non-members to join the Association. Since we’re always accused of sucking up coffee and donuts at Timmys, thought we should capitalize on this long established relationship.  We have a few Association members who are Tim Horton franchise owners, so I decided to approach one that has been very supportive of the Association in the past.  As result, I’m very pleased to announce that our kind sponsor for 2015 is the Fred Falconer family group in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

Now here’s the nuts and bolts on how this Join to Win fun activity will operate to generate a little positive buzz to hopefully enhance recruitment results.  Every quarter there will be a random draw of 12 new members for Tim Hortons gift cards worth either $25, $20 or $15.  The winners will have the cards mailed to them along with a welcome letter. In the letter they will be asked to respond to the question, What influenced you to join the Vets Association?

For the inaugural random draw of the Tims gift cards,
our good friend “H” Division, SSM Gary Latour did the honours on Thursday, April 30.

The following are the lucky winners of the 1st Quarter Join to Win draw:

$25.00 Cards  -  Ron Mostrey  - Ottawa Division
                        -  Alison Horst  - Manitoba Division
                        -  Liam Paul Venner  - Toronto Division                      
                        -  Jocelyne Laporte  - Quebec Division
$20.00 Cards  -  Mildred Mercer  - Edmonton Division
                        -  William Yake  - Vancouver Division
                        -  Carl Montreuil  - New Brunswick Division
                        -  Thomas Wyers  -  Yukon Division
$15.00 Cards  -  Thomas Power  - Newfoundland Labrador Division
                        -  Daryl Pentland  - CVI Division
                        -  Henry Kinsella  - Ottawa Division
                        -  Yvonne Dibblee  - Shuswap Division
Henceforth, be sure to tell prospective members about the Join to Win quarterly draw.  Well, that’s it for this month folks.  Hope to see some of you Directors at the AGM the end of May.  Good luck out there and successful recruiting this 2nd Quarter.

George Savage, Chair
National Recruiting Committee
RCMP Veterans’ Association

“My fellow members, ask not what your Association can do for you, ask what can I do for the Association“