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Veteran's Licence Plates‏

President Dave LeBlanc, Ron Lewis, Association Advocate, Alex Geddes, Executive Officer and Wayne Martin, Ottawa Division (RCL Defence and Security Committee member) attended a recent meeting with Dominion Secretary, Brad White, Royal Canadian Legion and Director Service Bureau Officer, Ray McInnis. One of the topics of discussion was the policy on the issuance of Veteran's Licence Plates. Several RCMP retirees have applied and received these plates in various locations in Canada. The under noted guide for application is as noted below:

Veteran’s Licence Plates: White stated that unfortunately the policy for issuance of these plates to Canadian Forces (CFs) Veterans and RCMP Veterans is not consistent across Canada and that the Provincial Commands of the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) have the responsibility to approve all veteran plates through an application process that is approved in each province and it may not be consistent. His advice is that if an RCMP Veteran wishes to obtain a veteran plate then they will have to be guided by the Provincial Legion Commands to get their individual plates. Several provinces are issuing these plates but the issuance of plates is controlled by the Legion in each Provincial Command.

The bottom line is the RCL recognizes RCMP retirees as Veterans under the New Veteran's Charter and if you desire a veteran's licence plate it is up to your as a retiree to apply for and pay for the extra cost for this licence plate.