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Veterans Summit -2015-12-03

Veterans Affairs - RCMP Services and Benefits

Legion Service Officers (English Only)

Veterans Ombudsman’s Commendation Guidelines

Veterans' Summit, Ottawa, April 14, 2015

  Disability Pension / Survivor Benefits - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  ALS - Policy
  Questions and Answers - Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Letter From Veterans Affairs Minister - 2015-03-27 (English Only)

Veterans Affairs Canada - RCMP Services and Benefits

RCMP Group Life Insurance Premium Holiday For 2015 (English Only)

Legion Bursary and Scholarships Now Available

Policies - Recent Updates - Veterans Affairs Canada

Legion Supports Recommendations from Auditor General’s Report (English Only)

Guide For Survivors & Executors - November 2014

News Release - Extra Funding Announcement by Federal Government (English Only)

Veteran's Licence Plates‏

New Appointments to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board Announced

VRAB - Update on Progress

Article for FBI Newsletter and Quarterly - Beechwood Cemetery

Minister Fantino response to Legion - 25 Mar 2014‏

PSHCP Update

Legion concerned with Government’s budget for growing list of commemorative events

Veterans Review and Appeal Board‏

Legion Acknowledges Formal End to Afganistan Mission

Legion urges Government to exercise its powers to push for Arctic Star Medal

Claiming medical expenses on income taxes made easier

Embassy of the Republic of Korea seeks Korean War veterans to honour with
the Ambassador for Peace Medal
(English Only)

Disabled RCMP veterans reach settlement with the Canadian Government
in disability benefit class action
(English Only)

FSNA - Honour Your Promise and ongoing PSHCP negotiations

Legion Disappointed With Only Slight Consideration for its Budget Recommendations

Legion - Veterans and the Upcoming Budget

Canadian Involvement in The Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm)

Legion seeking end to unfair practice affecting desabled RCMP Veterans

Progress at VRAB

Letter to Minister Blaney - RCMP Disability Clawback

Canadian Institute for Military and Veterans Health Research Forum 2013

RCMPVA Meeting of the VAC Ombudsman's Council (English Only)

Meeting - Jim Karygiannis, MP - 4 Dec 2013

Legion News Release - 4 December 2013 - Suicides in the CAF

Legion News Release - 26 November 2013 - Canadian Institute for Military Veterans Health Research (CIMMVHR)

Legion Letter to President of the Treasury Board on Pensions (English Only)

Legion Consultation Group Letter to Minister VAC - 15 Nov 2013 (English Only)

Legion to Bring Focus on Helping Homeless Veterans

Advocacy Manual

Legion Letter to Editor on Universality of Care - 7 Oct 2013 (English Only)

Letter from Minister of VAC to Legion Consultation Group (English Only)

FSNA - Honour Your Promise Campaign (English Only)

Legion News Release - 26 August 2013

Legion News Release - 16 August 2013

Legion News Release - 3 August 2013

Order of Dress
  Letter From Graham Muir to Jack Briscoe
Letter From Jack Briscoe to All Presidents

Veterans Review and Appeal Board - New Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

Veterans Review and Appeal Board - Apply to Become a Board Member

Launch of PTSD Mobile App and funding for PTSD Research
Research Project
Mobile App

Veterans Consultation Group Letter 22 April 13 (English Only)

Veterans’ resolutions pass unanimously at federal NDP convention

Legion and Wounded Warriors Canada

National RCMP VA Finances (English Only)

Record of Decisions, Veterans' Organizations' Forum

Assistance to Homeless RCMP & CF Veterans (English Only)

Funeral and Burial - Update - 8 Feb 2013 (English Only)

Veterans Ombudsman - Mandate

Report of the Auditor General to the House of Commons - Chapter 4

Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB) January 2013

Legion - 31 January - Funeral and Burial

Question Re Veterans Affairs Form 520E (English Only)

Legion Letter 10 Jan 2013 to Chief of Defence Staff (English Only)

Legion Letter 9 Jan 2013 to Minister Blaney- VIP Changes (English Only)

Legion Concurs with Veterans Ombudsman's Annual Report

Veterans Ombudsman's Annual Report

My VAC Book

Royal Canadian Legion - Address List - Service Bureau Officers (English Only)

VARB - Stakeholder Update

Legion - Favourable Decision - Dec 2012

Legion - Letter To The Editor - Dec 2012

The Quarterly - Update - November 2012

Letter to VAC Minister from Legion President (English Only)

Attendance Allowance - October 2012

Veterans Ombudsman - Nov 2012

Minister Blaney Launches Benefits Browser

Improved Benefits For Canadian Veterans - - Background

Benefit of the Doubt in Veterans Affairs Cases (English Only)

National Recruitment Committee 2012-09-15

National Recruitment Committee

Membership Study - Vancouver Divison (English Only)

National Survivors and Executors Update

Legion Letter to Government 11 May (English Only)

VRAB Should Be Eliminated: NDP

Letter From RCMP - PTSD (English Only)

Publication of Noteworthy Decisions (VRAB)

Legion - Media Release - (VRAB) - 7 May 2012

Veterans Independence Program (VIP)

Budget Will Hurt Veterans and Their Families

Legion Raises Concerns About Budget

VAC - Stakeholder Committee Meeting - Feb 2012 - Minutes

VAC - Stakeholder Committee Meeting - Feb 2012 - Committments

VAC - Stakeholder Committee Meeting - Feb 2012 - Letter

Veterans Review Appeal Board (VRAB) & RCMP Veterans Association (RCMP VA)

Bureau of Pensions Advocates (BPA) & RCMP Veterans Association

Improving Service to Canada's Veterans

2010-2011 Annual Report for the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman

Stakeholders Meeting - Veterans Affairs Canada & Letter from Brian N. Forbes (NCVA)

Serge Martel - Appointment to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board

Letter to Tim Hoban from Claude Gravelle, MP

Letter to Prime Minister from Naval Air Services Veterans Association (English Only)

Meeting with Paul Woods, Office of the Veterans Ombudsman (OVO) (English Only)

Attendance Allowance - October 2011

Summery Of Complaints to Veterans Review and Appeal Board (English Only)

Letter from President Tim Hoban to Prime Minister Harper

Letter from Brian Forbes to Stephen Harper

Revised: Positive Federal Court Judicial Reviews required as ammunition for legal proceeding (English Only)

Update on Federal Court Judicial Reviews and VRAB (English Only)

Attendance Allowance Overview - June 2011

RCMP contacts on Grave Markers

Insurance - Premium Rates - 1 April 2011

Nation Membership Strategic Plan (English Only)

PSHCP - Bulletin 25

PSHCP increase

Legion - Funeral and Burial Benefits (English Only)

Support for RCMP Veterans (English Only)

Attendance Allowance Program - Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) (English Only)

Combat Stress and its Consequences on the Mental Health of Veterans and their Family

The Constitution

RCMP Veterans' Scholarships (English Only)

List of National & Dominion Presidents 1981 - 2008

Commissioner's Directional Statement 2008

Public Service Dental Care Plan

Veterans Affairs Canada

The Royal Canadian Legion

The Quarterly

Annual General Meetings