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Public Works to Administer RCMP Pension Plans in 2013

The RCMP recently received approval for a project that will eventually transfer the administration of RCMP pension plans to Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). The decision to transition to PWGSC resulted from a thorough analysis of various outsourcing options contained in an RCMP Business Case and aligns with the Government of Canada’s overall strategic direction for pension administration of all government pension plans.

Administration of the RCMP pension plans is currently outsourced to Morneau Sobeco, a private sector provider, but will migrate to PWGSC in 2013.

For serving regular and civilian members, there will be no change to pension contributions as a result of this transfer. Similarly, for RCMP pension recipients, there will be no impact on the amount or frequency of payments.

However, the change in administration is intended to provide service enhancements, long-term stability, and eventual savings to the pension plans.

With a total budget of between $82 million and $92 million, the four-year project is moving ahead. The project is being led by a project team in National Compensation Services and is guided by a Steering Committee that includes the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFAO), a Staff Relations Representative (SRR), and the Executive Director of the RCMP Veterans’ Association.

More information will be provided as the target date approaches.