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Explanatory Note

There are changes this year to the manner which the budget for the upcoming fiscal year is being presented to the membership.

These changes are described in detail in the Treasurer’s Report. However, to aid members in their decision to approve the resolution, these explanatory notes summarize the changes.

The budget being presented relates solely to the operations of the Association at the National Office level (not Division) and does not represent the budget of the RCMP Veterans’ Association as a whole. This means that Division executives retain the responsibility to plan and manage their own budget.

Because the budget does not commence until January 1, 2016, some six months after approval, it is more of a “budget plan” as there will be unforeseen revenues and expenditures. The Board of Directors may revise the budget plan to reflect material changes that occur before the start of the next fiscal year and throughout the year.

The format of this budget has been changed from the traditional “functional” lines for revenue and expenditure to a “program” format. The benefit of this change is to show more clearly how much money is raised and how and on what it is to be spent. Revenue and expenditures are grouped under 8 program headings, namely:

  1. Annual General Meeting/Convention;
  2. Association Operations;
  3. Benefit Trust Funds;
  4. Board of Directors/Officers;
  5. Communications;
  6. Finance and Audit;
  7. Membership; and
  8. Member Representation.


This format is designed to present the figures in a more transparent manner that truly reflects for the membership the areas of responsibility that fall to the Association Board of Directors to diligently carry out on behalf of the membership.